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Anyone who has ever tried to rewind more than 10 meters of steel with the entire width of 1000 or 1250 mm from one coil to another one, can clearly say that it is not a trivial task. Thickness tolerance, metal coil camber and thus coil telescoping in general result in a significant uncontrolled deviation of the metal if you try to reel it with any standard rewinder. This entails in its turn crushing of a metal edge that is not acceptable at all. For proper winding of a new coil it is necessary to compensate for telescoping.

The easiest but not the most convenient compensation option is relative movement between the unwinding and winding unit. Given the fact that often it is used in the adjustment mode, the result obtained cannot correspond to GOST or common sense without the process automation.

The engineering department of the Finprofile Makring Group found a simple and elegant solution for telescoping compensation of the coil to be wound. Its main advantages for you:

- Comensation is automatic

- Provides excellent results regardless of an operator

- High reliability

- Ability to be embed in a steel coil slitting line made by Finprofile

 For more details, please contact the managers of our company.