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About the Company

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Company Finprofile is subsidiary of Finnish Macring Group. The goal and objective of the Company is production of high-technology and high-quality equipment using European engineering and designing practice in the sector of roll forming and metal processing equipment. The production of the equipment at the Finprofile plant in Ukraine allows to make the best offer to the customer in quality/price ratio.

Company Finprofile today means:

- Professional technologies of sheet metal tretment and an array of serial production;

- The realization of non-standart, individual projects in the sector of metal processing by cold forming;

- The newest complexes of equipment targeted on efficient production and continuous service life;

- Full-scale research work directed at the development and updating of the production equipment assortment;

-Professional consulting, contract supervision, after-sales service.

The concept of our work is based on close interaction with customer, individual approach, premium service and order tracking. Purchased equipment has not only guaranteed service life, but also it has further post-guaranteed supervision by the Company's personnel.