Automatic line for producing C-, U- and Z-profiles

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1 S Z U profile

The line is intended for profiling of open C-, U- and Z-profiles from thin-sheet galvanized steel up to 3,0 mm of thickness. The excellence of final products is ensured with automatic control system and monitoring of master schedule exactitude.




  •  Decoiler – 1 pc
  •  Roll forming machine with straightening, cutting off device and for device for punching holes – 1 pc
  •  Hydraulic station – 1 pc
  •  Receiving stacking table – 1 pc
  •  Control cabinet – 1 pc




Parameter or size name Size or parametr
1 Treated material Galvanized sheet steel from continuous lines in accordance with State Standart 14918 (Application: cold shape forming)
2 Thickness of treated material 1,5-3,0 mm
3 Type of profile

С, U, Z

4 Blank width for  Z-shape

234-434 mm

5 Blank width for  C-shape 172-432 mm
6 Blank width for  U-shape 152-402 mm
7 Speed of profiling 12 running meter/minute
8 Number of pairs of rolling mills 12 pcs
9 Cutting accuracy ± 5 mm
10 Type of cutoff machine Hydraulic, stationary
11 Type of decoiler Cantilevered, electric
12 Lifting capacity of decoiler 2000 kg
13 Operation mode Semiautomatic machine
14 Drive Electromechanical, worm gear motor
15 Feeding Chain
16 Control cabinet Secures automatic work of the line after loading the material in the shape-forming mill; equipped with frequency converter
17 Maintenance personnel 2 persons
18 Overall dimensions of the line 18935х1600х1400 mm
19 Fixed power (capacity) of the line 22,5 kW
20 Weight of the line 5700 kg




 sh S Z U profile




 esciz S Z U profile