Line for round drainpipe system production

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Equipment is intended for production of a round drainpipe from thin-sheet galvanized steel 0,5-0,6 mm of thickness with plastisol or pural coatings. The set includes an automated line for production of a round drainpipe, an automated line for production of drainpipe spout, an aggregate for tightening of a pipe.




  •  Decoiler – 1 pc
  •  Roll forming machine – 1 pc
  •  Cutting off device – 1 pc
  •  Aggregate for tightening of a pipe – 1 pc
  •  Receiving stacking table – 2 pc
  •  Control cabinet – 1 pc




Parameter or size name Size or parametr
1 Treated material Galvanised and coated steel sheet, coatings such as plastizol or pural. Grade of steel sheet: DX52D+Z (EN 10142:2000), width of raw material acc. to drawings
2 Thickness of treated material 0,5-0,6 мм
3 Width of the workpiece 290 мм.
4 Speed of profiling 15 running meter/minute
5 Cutting accuracy ± 1 mm/1000 mm
6 Type of decoiler Cantilevered, electric
7 Lifting capacity of decoiler 2000 kg
8 Operation mode Semiautomatic machine
9 Drive Electromechanical, worm gear motor
10 Feeding Chain
11 Control cabinet Secures automatic work of the line after loading the material in the shape-forming mill; equipped with frequency converter
12 Maintenance personnel 1-2 persons
13 Overall dimensions of the line 12500x1200x1500 mm
14 Fixed power (capacity) of the line 6,6 kW
15 Weight of the line 4500 kg




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